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Starsiege Rebellion Cybrid Shepherd Herc (1)

Starsiege Rebellion Cybrid Shepherd Herc (1)


This is a single medium herc for the Cybrid forces in Starsiege Rebellion, but also suitable for use in any other similar futuristic miniatures combat game.

The miniature comes with a body, a hub, two fin segments, and two random Cybrid weapons (examples are shown in the main picture, with additional possibilities in the second photo). A plastic slotted hex base is also provided. For those interested in scale, the squares shown in the photo are one inch across.

The second photo shows the possible weapons you might receive with this figure (most likely, it'll be two of the four shown in the first photo, but not guaranteed). If you prefer to select specific choices, please provide a note with your order. Each of the two weapons must be different (no duplications, please). You can order additional weapons by purchasing item SS-200A (Cybrid Weapons Set).

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