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Starsiege Rebellion Imperial Basilisk Herc (1)

Starsiege Rebellion Imperial Basilisk Herc (1)


This is a single heavy herc (mech) for the Imperial forces in Starsiege Rebellion, but also suitable for use in any other similar futuristic miniatures combat game.

The miniature comes with one main body piece, two legs, two light weapons and two long guns. No base is provided, as this miniature can stand freely on its own. For those interested in scale, the squares shown in the photo are one inch across.

A metal hex base suitable for use with this figure is also available under the SKU number SS-200. Because many buyers don't want or need this base, it's offered separately.

A variant is available that trades the two long guns in the upper right corner for the smaller, square-shaped heavy cannons found on the Gorgon (SS-205). There is no change in cost. You may also mix and match other Imperial weapons; contact us separately for details.

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