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B5 RPG Vorlon Empire character figures (set or individuals)

B5 RPG Vorlon Empire character figures (set or individuals)


The Vorlons from the B5 RPG were different from other figures, because they can be mixed and matched. Each miniature looks approximately the same--the differences are in the design on the front of the robes, the shape and size of the cowl, and the different heads (shown separately to the left of the figures).

When ordering, select from the drop-down variants list. You can pick either a single random figure, or a specific robe design. The robe designs are (clockwise starting from top left):

  1. (top left) Top half latticework, bottom half blank
  2. (top center) Mostly plain with diamond top; back of cowl is open
  3. (top right) Regal diamond pattern
  4. (bottom right) Regal latticework pattern
  5. (bottom center) Plain with random symbols
  6. (bottom left) Mostly plain with large diamond on top and bottom bar

Regardless of which design you choose, you'll receive a random head. The heads have mainly cosmetic differences and come in a variety of slightly different shapes.

You can also choose to order the complete set, at a discounted price. If you do this, you'll receive one of each robe type and one of each head.

  • Note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled. Paints, brushes, glue, etc. are not included.
  • Slotted plastic hex bases are included with all miniatures. For size comparison purposes, these bases are one inch across.

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