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Starship Troopers Skinnie Raiders set (3)

Starship Troopers Skinnie Raiders set (3)


The most commonly sighted form of Skinnie fighting unit, the Raiders use power suits similar in effect to that of the Mobile Infantry's but with very different weapons. Their constrictor rifles make a mockery of armor while their nerve beams can scythe through whole squads.

Skinnie Raiders are adept at striking at valuable targets, capturing their objectives, and then fading out of sight before a determined resistance can be mounted.

This set contains 3 different Skinnie Raider figures. Slotted hex bases are included for each miniature. Note: If you are interested in a different arrangement of Skinnie miniatures, drawn from the others available on this store, substitutions are allowed. Contact me for instructions.
  • Note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled. Paints, brushes, glue, etc. are not included.
  • Stand pegs and bases are included with all miniatures. For size comparison purposes, stand bases are one inch across.

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