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Starship Troopers Mobile Infantry Female Cap Troopers set (8)

Starship Troopers Mobile Infantry Female Cap Troopers set (8)


The Mobile Infantry is an equal opportunities employer and there are vast numbers of women within its ranks, each every bit as well trained as their male trooper counterparts.

Though it is rare to find an all female Mobile Infantry unit, most squads will have a mix of the sexes and there is no distinction between them at SICON command. Prepared to put their own safety in harm's way for the sake of the body politic, the female cap troopers are among humanity's greatest defenders.

Parts Contained In This Set
1 x Female MI Fast walk
1 x Female MI Grenade Launcher
1 x Female MI gun raised
1 x Female MI Sergeant
1 x Female MI Slow walk
1 x Female MI Sniper

Plus 2 additional random figures from the above list (both will be different) and 8 slotted hex bases. In the photo below, the six bottom troopers are the ones listed above; the top two are randomly selected duplicates. If you have a preference, please feel free to email or attach a note to your order with your request (they do not necessarily have to be from this set, either...just as long as they're the same size and I have extras available).

Note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled. Paints, brushes, glue, etc. are not included.
  • Stand pegs and bases are included with all miniatures. For size comparison purposes, stand bases are one inch across.

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