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ACTA Style Small Metal Flight Stands (8)

ACTA Style Small Metal Flight Stands (8)


These are metal flight stands used to support medium size miniatures. They can be used for any game which uses miniatures on stands. The pegs should work with just about any ship from Babylon 5 Wars, Fleet Action, or A Call to Arms. Some large ships from these lines were designed for use with two stands, for which these will also suffice. Also, please note that you may need to do a little drilling on the base itself as some extra metal is often left inside the hole and must be cleared out before use. NOTE: All B5 Wars scale miniatures sold by Agent One come with enough stands to support each ship or fighter in the pack. You would only need to order this item for extras or spares or for use with other games, or if you prefer a larger and heavier base for your miniatures. Unlimited quantities - order as many as you like!

  • Note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled. Paints, brushes, glue, etc. are not included.

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