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Babylon 5 Wars Variants-4

Babylon 5 Wars Variants-4


You demanded it, so we've made it for you - a brand-new book of ships from nearly every race in the game! This book has at least one ship from each of twenty different races, and includes command ships, scouts, light combat vessels, strike cruisers, carriers, escorts, patrol ships, assault transports, bases, defense satellites, fighters, and more! Includes such worthy vessels as the Abbai Nakarsa, Centauri Primus Maximus, Drazi Firefalcon, Brakiri Halos, Vree Tyllz, Dilgar Garasoch-D, Pak'ma'ra Pshul'tau, Balosian Athasa, and over thirty more in a neat 48-page package! No matter what race is your favorite, you're sure to find something to love in this supplement!


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