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Babylon 5 Wars Showdowns-1

Babylon 5 Wars Showdowns-1


Showdowns-1 presents dozens of new scenarios to play out to the bitter end, as well as new civilian and Raider ships, Narn and Centauri orbital satellites, unique weapons, elite officers and more! Includes: Rules and options for mine warfare, a preview of Raider ships & fighters, enhancements (for ships, fighters, officers, and crew), and a variety of miscellaneous rules (such as cargo holds, C&C recovery, fighter critical hits, etc.) and terrains (asterois, planets, moons, gravity wells, hyperspace whirlpools, and more). Whether your gaming group is looking for some unconquered territory or you've just played one free-for-all too many, the Showdowns series will provide unlimited playability to a trusted game system!

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