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Some Starship Troopers miniatures now avaiable

I've been sitting on some Starship Troopers miniatures for a long time now, trying to sell it on eBay and through other means, but now I've finally sorted most of it out and am ready to offer it here on the store. I've been resisting doing this because I don't have the entire line available (and some has been offered by another company I didn't want to compete with). Furthermore, I didn't know what parts were used by some of the figures, because there were no assembly guides and no online resources that explained what goes where.

However, now I'm just going to list what I have and see what happens. There are no plastic pieces available, only pewter ones, including some long-lost pewter warrior bug prototype figures that were never actually sold in stores. Some of the mobile infantry is available only as sets because if I sell them individually, I'll run out of some long before I run out of others. However, I do have a few figures that I have lots of extras for, which I'll offer as line items once I get everything organized. I also may have some smaller parts (like rifles, Grizzly arms, etc.) available as spare parts if you need any, so feel free to inquire.

What I have available at the moment may change as things go along, so check back regularly for the next couple of weeks while I continue adding items. If there's a complicated figure you need and isn't listed, and you can provide the exact list of parts to make one, let me know and I'll see if I have them in one of the "unknown parts" bags. Thanks!

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